Research Phase

Trove started as a research project between designer Chloe Meineck and academic Debbie Watson from the University of Bristol, with support from REACT as part of their Play Sandbox initiative which connected creatives with academics and a group of 7-12 year olds.

They bonded over their love of objects and the meaning they hold for people. Chloe was interested in creating a children focused memory tool and Debbie had a wealth of knowledge around children in care, adopted children and the importance of objects in life story work. 

Through Coram they worked with local authorities, foster parent groups, care leaver groups, children in care and adopted children to co-design the first iteration of Trove. The research as part of this process has been published extensively and can be read here.

Research Team

Some problems or issues are so complex you need a multidisciplinary team to create solutions. In 2017 with the funding from AHRC we assembled an experienced team to develop a further prototype, focused on a visual interface to guide children through the process of recording and looking through their stories.

If you are interested in working on the next steps of trove you can see our current opportunities here.


Project Partners

Funded By

The Hadley Trust