The Research

Following the development work on Trove, the effects of creating a tool combining these elements of story telling for life story work and objects in a safe space for children in foster care and adopted. Through interviews, user experience and expanding on existing research several papers have been written on the outcomes of Trove.

Storying special objects: Material culture, narrative identity and life story work for children in care

Debbie Watson , Rachel Hahn and Jo Staines
School for Policy Studies, Children and Families Research Centre, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

Qualitative Social Work 2019


Adopted children’s co-production and use of ‘trove’ (a digitally enhanced memory box) to better understand their care histories through precious objects

Debbie Watson and Beth Lancaster
Hadley Centre for Adoption and Foster Care Studies, University of Bristol, UK

And Chloe Meineck
Studio Meineck, Pervasive Media Studio, UK

Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry 2018


Trove: A Digitally Enhanced Memory Box for Looked After and Adopted Children

Stuart Gray and Kirsten Cater – School for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Bristol

Rachel Hahn and Debbie Watson – School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

Chloe Meineck – Studio Meineck

Tom Metcalfe – Telephone Avenue

Interaction Design and Children 2019