Trove started as a research project with a varied and skilled team co-designing with children in care and adopted children, charities and researchers. This got us to the prototype phase and we want to continue Trove’s development to enhance life story work in the care sector and help children nationally and internationally with identity and story telling.

As part of Studio Meineck‘s range of health and wellbeing products Trove joins a pipeline of digital and physical tools for every stage of the life cycle. The first of which Music Memory Box is an award winning tool for people living with dementia. We’re a social design studio specialising in co-designing (with users, academics and charities) innovative new technology products for some of society’s greatest social challenges.

Next Steps

The next stage for trove is to embed all the previous learning and research into a full evaluated pilot of the 6 prototype bags we currently have. This would allow time to reflect on the current prototype in detail and measure longer term impact for individual users. This information can then be used for the next stage of development into a product that children and local authorities can buy, use, and benefit from.

Once this extensive evaluation has happened we can re-iterate Trove and start the development for manufacture to bring it to market and start making a difference for more children.

If you want to be part of bringing Trove to life get in touch.