What it looks like

Trove’s digital element is a screen contained inside the bag. It’s a visually led interface that guides the child through the step by step process of unlocking their trove, recording stories, taking photos and revisiting or revising them in the archive.

Right is a representation of what this looks like.

Trove is simple to set up, seamlessly bonding the digital elements with physical. It’s a tactile and safe space for special objects and the stories that come with them.

What's the process?

First find objects that are meaningful to the child using Trove. These could come from an existing memory box, or even be photos from their Life Story Book.

Then unlock Trove, each one has a unique login based on the objects in the logo so that stories can be kept secure and private.


Now you’re ready to record your stories.

Simply hold down the recorder circle whilst it glows green and speak into the microphone contained in the headphones. You can save and add new stories whenever you want and have multiple stories for individual objects.


Once you’ve recorded a story you can take a photo to go with it – of the object, yourself or you and the object. This will make it easier to find stories associated with the same object.


Now you can attach that story and photo to the object itself.

Simply stick an NFC sticker onto the object and place on the orange cross in the centre of the bag.

Whenever you want to listen to the stories matched with this object again, just place it on the cross in the centre of the bag to display the photo and play the stories, starting with the most recent one.


All your photos and stories are kept in an archive, currently on the device with future versions that will connect to the cloud.

This way you can record new stories as understanding evolves or new things happen and not lose the old ones unless you choose to delete them.